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You know why? Because if your clients visit your website and you catch their attention making them think  "Oh, oh! I like what I see, tell me more! " You are already gaining most of the game.

Can you see? I don't speak for speaking. I tell you all this because I dedicate to promote brands of digital entrepreneurs who have decided to launch and not be "another business in the online market".
The goal is not to be "another more" is be UNIQUE. You want to be the first option.

If you also want to achieve it, let me guide you through this process and I will help you create your personal brand, from starting the strategy to creating your own image.

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Do you dare to be different?​​​​​​​

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 Life goes around a lot and you have to be prepared for everything. I went from not knowing anything about design to living it. Believe me, if you have the ambition and the tools, you can get everything you want.

Let me tell you another story to show you that it is often a matter of throwing oneself.

God`s plans are perfect! By chance of life (and love!), I no longer live in Colombia. The world in which I developed gave a radical change.

Imagine that one day you get up, know someone ... and the next day is your Japanese husband and you move with him to the Japanese country.

I left family, friends, clients, my business design in Bogotá ... To start again on the other side of the world, in another language, with another culture ...

It is not that I have left my comfort zone, it is that I have destroyed it. Although to go better.

It was clear to me that I could not start a business in Japan quickly. I knew I could help others, so ... Why not do it from anywhere in the world? I organized myself, created my own strategy and my brand and worked to capture it on the screen. I was willing to work from Japan to any other place. I started little by little, sending emails - cold door, presenting my portfolio to competitions ... Finally, I started to work with clients from Canada, Mexico, United States, Singapore ... They all had something in common: they understood that is necessary a brand that reflects them. The best? They showed me that there are clients who value the work of others.

After all, these changes have helped me to see clearly what is the needs of every digital entrepreneur.

Who needs a design without identity and brand? what is the purpose to have a project without a strategy? Its useful have the tools without knowing how to use them?

For this reason, I decided to help entrepreneurs from branding strategy to launch an attractive website ready to sell.


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I'm going to tell you a secret. There are two essential factors in the success of any project: ​​​​a brand strategy and a visual identity.

  • Luisaferd is the mix of my two names: Luisa Fernanda. 
  • I studied Advertising to focus on design and branding. Then I trained in digital entrepreneurship and social networks.
  • I started to share my work internationally from 99designs until I reached the level of premium designer.
  • Already at school, I was pointing out ways and I liked to sell everything to my friends: sweets, sandwiches, chocolate, ceramics, necklaces ... I am the youngest of three sisters and although they opted for engineering, I ended up on the creative side of the family.
  • My favorite Colombian food is empanadas and ajiaco. In Japanese cuisine, I love ramen and gyozas.
  • Since I was little I got interested in Japanese culture but I never imagined that I would live in the country of the rising sun.
  • 10 years ago I rescued Martina from the street, a beautiful puppy. It did not take a week to become the baby of the family.
  • I love 80-90's music.
  • Yes! Almost all Colombians have a reputation for dancing very well, but I am the exception.
  • Many people ask me what language I speak with my husband. We speak English, he teaches me Japanese and I teach him Spanish. A multicultural home!
  • I am passionate about interior design and it helps me to inspire myself in my work.

 If you have come this far it is because you want to know a little more. I'll tell you some secrets:


Who is Luisa after all?

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I'm Luisa

Branding Coach. I dedicate to help entrepreneurs creating their successful brand from scratch.

How far do you want to go with your personal brand?

​​​​​​​You have a project that is worth gold and eager to see it grow. You've been around a lot and it's obvious that you need that final push. Right now the potential isn't 100% because is missing something. That spark that differentiates your idea from all the others.

Do you know how to find it? let me give you a hand ...

If what you want is to see your online project take off, you need a brand with its own personality that differentiates and positions you as an expert and represents all your values in your field.

I'm a digital entrepreneur like you. And if something is clear to me, it is vital to have initiative, a route and objectives to fulfill. If not, the only thing we do is pass the time and waste our possibilities. And the time is not to lose, right?

Why am I telling you this?

That you got here and you're reading all this is not a coincidence. Let me explain: I have also struggled to build a brand that represents me. After many comings and goings, I got it. And thanks to that, now I dedicate myself to helping others who want to follow the same path.

I want to tell you my story.

I was born in Colombia, my home. 

When I was a small girl the design attracted me like a magnet. It was the first thing I thought when they asked me: "Luisa, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

But things do not always go as you want.

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For economic reasons, the university was light years away from my possibilities. I had to find what options I had and throw myself into the world of work. I traveled the city distributing my CV everywhere until a door was open: I started to work as an assistant in the advertising department of a political party.

Little by little I showed that I had design skills and my colleagues and my boss wanted to help me grow within the team. They taught me everything they knew, from basics to tools and design technics.

Everyone has some beginnings and these were mine. I spent eight years growing up as a designer, learning everything I know today and becoming what I had always wanted to be.

and this is the end of the story?

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So far not. This is only the beginning.

The time had come to change the air. I launched myself back into the design labor market. I did many interviews and my portfolio caused very good impressions.

The problem?

A good portfolio and eight years of experience, OK. But ... and the certifications?
Almost all the companies wanted to take advantage of that I did not have official titles in design to pay me badly and value me worse.

The solution?

I decided to turn the situation and reinvent myself. It was clear that this was not going to be my life and that I refused to give my work to anyone who did not know how to appreciate it.
I started studying and in the meantime, I worked in the place where I started and as a freelance for small projects. By the time I finished, I had gained some recognition in the sector working on big projects.

I determined. I was going to build my own personal brand from scratch to show that I had a lot to tell.

Why Shouldn't You Settle in Life?

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